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Powershell: CSV – How to select distinct unique values from a column

Want to quickly display unique values from a column in a CSV file but also want to skip over the first few header rows? Powershell code: Get-Content C:\Users\jared\Documents\file.csv | select -skip 6 | ConvertFrom-Csv -Header ‘COL1’, ‘COL2’, ‘COL3’ | select … Continue reading

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Installing nginx on Windows subsystem for Linux

Install nginix sudo apt-get install nginx Add the below line (in bold) to /etc/nginx/nginx.conf user www-data; master_process off; worker_processes 4; Comment out this line in /etc/nginx/sites-available/default # listen [::]:80 default_server ipv6only=on; $ sudo service nginx start Test it out from the command … Continue reading

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Setting up Juniper junos command aliases

At command prompt, create the file: root@lab-SRX% vi /var/db/scripts/op/sit.slax version 1.0; ns junos = “*/junos”; ns xnm = “”; ns jcs = “”; import “../import/junos.xsl”; match / { { var $cmd = ‘show interfaces terse’; var $out = jcs:invoke($cmd); copy-of … Continue reading

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Thanks to NOAA and xpath, I know when it’s the best time to walk my dog

Luna loves to go to the beach, especially when it’s during low tide.   Now, I could go visit local websites daily for the low tides in my area, but… Lucky for Luna, her daddy knows how to sling some computer coding, so… a script … Continue reading

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Let’s Encrypt! Checking your HTTPS certificate expiration date

Let’s Encrypt offers free HTTPS certificate for your website.  The catch is that they are valid for only 90 days so the certificate has to be renewed four times a year. The instructions here have made it painless to automatically renew the certificates via … Continue reading

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Windows – Registering Putty for SSHS:// custom URI Scheme

One of things that I do to simplify my job is to maintain a local webpage listing servers that I can SSH into.  With Windows, I can register the sshs:// URI scheme to putty.exe Windows executable.  Any links starting with sshs:// will be … Continue reading

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Quickly get a Flask/Python app running quickly alongside phpMyAdmin

Quick guide to setting up a Flask/Python web app at default root URL alongside phpMyAdmin running off \phpmyadmin sudo apt-get install nginx sudo apt-get install mysql-server Be sure to install mysql server before installing phpmyadmin. sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin sudo … Continue reading

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Ultimate NGINX reverse proxy to WordPress / PHP / Python / Django / Golang / Flask

For years, I’ve relied on Apache web server on my personal machine to continually hone my web programming chops and it doesn’t hurt to readily have a working server configuration for quick reference. While Apache has performed brilliantly, it was time to switch and … Continue reading

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Mobaxterm – setting up Git with CA certificate bundle

On my Windows machine, I use Mobaxterm, which is a great environment based on Cygwin and gives me an UNIX-like alternative to Windows command window. Git can be set up but needs some configuration first before it’ll work flawlessly. … Continue reading

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GNS3: Offloading DHCP service to another router acting as DHCP server

Most tutorial examples (for reasons of simplicity) will include DHCP server configuration on the same router that’s connected to the multiple VLANs so that IP addresses can be provided to devices on the network. For a more clean (and realistic) … Continue reading

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lightweight HTTP sink using socat

Quick n’ dirty way to run a HTTP sink (on a server that isn’t supposed to have a HTTP server running) to catch bots scanning all machines across your network. socat -T 1 -d -d tcp-l:80,bind=,reuseaddr,fork,su=nobody,crlf system:”echo -e \”\\\”HTTP/1.0 200 … Continue reading

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Watching in real-time IPv4 network interface changes

Note: I ignore local loopback and virtual networks.  Your setup may be different. watch -n 1 ‘ip addr | grep inet | grep -v inet6 | grep -v “” | grep -v  192\.168\.76 | grep -v 172\.16\.  | awk ‘\”{print … Continue reading

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Boogie Board Sync and how to merge multiple PDFs into one PDF

My wife surprised me with a cool gadget called Boogie Board Sync, which allows me to write down notes in a natural way and digitally save them to PDFs. It pretty much works as advertised. You write down a single … Continue reading

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Removing default “Samsung Mobile” bookmark folder from Samsung Android devices

One of the annoyances about Samsung Android devices such as the Galaxy Tab 3 and Galaxy S3 or S4 is that when you open Chrome app, there is a bookmark folder called “Samsung Mobile” which opens by default. This folder … Continue reading

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Useful: how to move a running process into a screen terminal

One of the useful things about using screen (a terminal multiplexer) console is that you are able to detach from the screen terminal while keeping your running session alive.  At a later time (such as when you arrive home from … Continue reading

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