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Better Late than Never: following up on Google HTTPS using DHE cipher suites

[Above image is the famous Caesar Cipher] One of the things that irked me about how Google handled the security of their HTTPS traffic was the lack of DHE ciphers.  I banged out a post “Google and Amazon do not … Continue reading

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Reverse order sort du -h human-readable output

du -d 1 -h | perl -e’%h=map{/.\s/;99**(ord$&&7)-$`,$_}`du -d 1 -h`;die@h{reverse sort%h}’ MacBook-Pro.-=[jnevans] /var/log # sudo ~jnevans/ 192K ./cups 728K ./krb5kdc 2.1M ./DiagnosticMessages 11M ./asl 22M . Hat tip to Want it in your .bashrc? alias dsize=’du -d 1 -h | … Continue reading

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Ubuntu: How to select and install (or pin) a package from a repository

This is a follow-up to “Redis and php-resque on Ubuntu 12.04.” Why pinning a package may be desirable In my previous post, after adding the repository to an Ubuntu system, then performing an system-wide upgrade,  mysql-server and php (if … Continue reading

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Redis and php-resque on Ubuntu 12.04

During my free time, I help to administer a machine hosting several websites which generate copious amount of traffic and at times, there can be a significant load on the server. These websites require many tasks running on the back … Continue reading

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Today, a new advancement in VRS calling

It’s days like this that make me proud that I’m part of the engineering team at ZVRS. This morning, at the NAD conference, ZVRS worked with Google on a demo of our prototype ZVRS app for Google+ Hangouts. The ZVRS … Continue reading

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Tropical storms: How the deaf can monitor tornado warnings

[caution to the reader: this post has extreme snarkiness] Unwelcome visitor: TS Debby Yesterday was an eye-opening experience for me. Central Florida got slammed by tropical storm Debby which wrecked havoc in certain areas.  Debby unleashed 13 inches of rain … Continue reading

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Until next time, my friend

For a long time, I’ve been dreading writing this blog post about one of the most amazing persons I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing, Daniel Stephen Foster.  For years, he had been suffering from a host of health issues and it … Continue reading

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How to access the text console of a virtual KVM guest from within virsh

(done on clean installation of Ubuntu 11.10/KVM) After getting a KVM host up and running on Ubuntu, often the graphical VM management application, virt-manager, is installed.  This useful utility makes it a snap to create new virtual machines and gives … Continue reading

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Inception problem: keymap for ‘a’ key broken inside twice-virtualized Ubuntu KVM guest

Running an Ubuntu virtualized virtual guest inside a virtual KVM host inside VMware Fusion 4 for OSX? You may have noticed that when ssh -X to the virtual KVM host machine then attaching to virtual guest graphic console (VNC) via … Continue reading

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Finding IP address of a device on a network.

[zippy] I get asked this question once in a while: “When I plug in a new device to the network, fresh out of the box and it defaults to getting an IP address via DHCP: how the heck do I … Continue reading

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Adding custom launchers to Ubuntu Unity launcher bar

For Ubuntu (11.04) desktop, I like to have a custom launcher to start ‘gksudo /usr/bin/wireshark’ At this time, it’s aggravating to use the Unity launcher bar (until they get their act together). There’s no support to add custom launchers to … Continue reading

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Joining ZVRS

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be joining ZVRS, a company providing video relay services.  I’m looking forward to working at a company that aims to improve the quality of life for deaf people by enabling them to make … Continue reading

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Fixing Windows clock time issue when booting.

I’ve been putting up with a slight annoyance when I dual-boot back into Windows from Ubuntu: The clock in Windows is always offset by a few hours. The fix: Set a registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation\RealTimeIsUniversal to 1 This tells the Windows … Continue reading

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Turn off all colors in vim

The text editor vim usually has default setting of colorized syntax and search highlighting, which I find too distracting. To kill it off, put the following inside the file .vimrc in your home directory: syntax off set nohlsearch set t_Co=0

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Fedora 15 (64-bit) desktop with Chrome, Flash, Adobe Air, VLC media player

I have hunted down bits of information from the far-flung corners of the Internet and consolidated them into a single post: Improving upon the default Fedora 15 desktop and run popular user applications, such as Google Chrome with Flash plugin, VLC … Continue reading

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