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Mobaxterm – setting up Git with CA certificate bundle

On my Windows machine, I use Mobaxterm, which is a great environment based on Cygwin and gives me an UNIX-like alternative to Windows command window. Git can be set up but needs some configuration first before it’ll work flawlessly. … Continue reading

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Boogie Board Sync and how to merge multiple PDFs into one PDF

My wife surprised me with a cool gadget called Boogie Board Sync, which allows me to write down notes in a natural way and digitally save them to PDFs. It pretty much works as advertised. You write down a single … Continue reading

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Redis and php-resque on Ubuntu 12.04

During my free time, I help to administer a machine hosting several websites which generate copious amount of traffic and at times, there can be a significant load on the server. These websites require many tasks running on the back … Continue reading

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Today, a new advancement in VRS calling

It’s days like this that make me proud that I’m part of the engineering team at ZVRS. This morning, at the NAD conference, ZVRS worked with Google on a demo of our prototype ZVRS app for Google+ Hangouts. The ZVRS … Continue reading

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Tropical storms: How the deaf can monitor tornado warnings

[caution to the reader: this post has extreme snarkiness] Unwelcome visitor: TS Debby Yesterday was an eye-opening experience for me. Central Florida got slammed by tropical storm Debby which wrecked havoc in certain areas.  Debby unleashed 13 inches of rain … Continue reading

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How to call video relay service (VRS) with Linux / Ubuntu

How to call VRS from inside Linux-based OS such as Ubuntu Background information for people not familiar with VRS: Video Relay Service is one of the most useful service provided to deaf Americans. This service enables deaf people to initiate … Continue reading

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Finding the state of a zipcode using reverse lookup with Google Geocoding API

Here’s a code snippet if you need to run a reverse lookup on a zipcode to identify which state it is located in.  Google Geocoding API version 3 is the latest at this time of post, and there’s no longer … Continue reading

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Google and Amazon do not offer ciphers using Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral mode.

[root@jne-f14 cnark]# ./ –host –port 443 …. SSL Certificate Information… Certificate Commmon Name: Testing SSLv2 Ciphers… DES-CBC3-MD5 — 168 bits, High Encryption RC2-CBC-MD5 — 128 bits, Medium Encryption RC4-MD5 — 128 bits, Medium Encryption DES-CBC-MD5 — 56 bits, … Continue reading

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A world-class iPhone app for the deaf: Captionfish

Have you tried to find captioned movies near your home?  If so, you’ve probably visited a fantastic website called Captionfish ( which is the brainchild of a pair of deaf developer and designer: Chris Sano (software engineer at Microsoft) and … Continue reading

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Topics of the network security class I’ll be teaching this fall.

This fall, I’ll be teaching network security class for the IT program at Gallaudet University: Here’s an overview of the topics in order. At this time, I’m open to further suggestions and feedback. Goals and attitude of the network security … Continue reading

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iPhone video calling bandwidth burn rate and Video Relay Service (VRS)

*update 8/2/10* Installing My3G on a jailbroken iPhone4 now enables the use of FaceTime over the 3G network instead of WiFi.  The information in this post is now applicable. ————– Kokonut Pundit’s post brings up valid concerns regarding using video … Continue reading

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Converting CHM files to text files

I find that it’s extremely useful to have a folder containing ebooks in the form of PDFs and CHMs (compiled HTML).  Often, when I can’t remember the exact command, coding, or configuration parameter, these ebooks are an excellent source to hit … Continue reading

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How to use mencoder trickery to merge SRT (SubRip) subtitles and MP4 or AVI video files.

Burning hard SubRip (SRT) subtitles into AVI video clip If using winmenc, copy c:\windows\fonts\arial.ttf to subfont.ttf inside the mplayer subdirectory (so mencoder can find a font file for the subtitles) mencoder -oac copy -ovc raw -sub -subfont-text-scale 3.0 -subpos … Continue reading

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VMware and LVM – Increasing disk space within a Linux-based virtual machine

One of the great things about enterprise Linux distro installations, such as RedHat, SLES, etc is that most of them are defaulting to a LVM (Logical Volume Manager) filesystem which is a natural fit for Linux virtualized systems. Using LVM … Continue reading

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Watch Marlee Matlin at the FCC hearing on Broadband Access (cc)

Marlee Matlin shows up at around 26:20 into the video.

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