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Kudos to David Curlee for including the ASL terp in panel video

WordPress is a popular CMS usually reserved for blogging but can be adapted for many different purposes.  Every year, there are WordPress camps in different cities where web developers can go and take part in workshops to learn more about … Continue reading

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My powerpoint presentation at DCARA vlog symposium

I’ve uploaded the presentation I gave at DCARA vlog symposium and you can view it by downloading it here (PPT) or here (PDF). It covers the evolving world of social media, including the changing role of blogs with new players … Continue reading

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Presenting at DCARA vblog symposium this Saturday

DCARA will be hosting a very special day this Saturday: Vblog Symposium during the day and a Wine & Cheese fund-raising event at night. There will be a dizzying array of exciting presentations by experienced Deaf vbloggers which can be … Continue reading

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Netflix CEO really doesn’t care about subtitles/captioning

I’m sickened at Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings’ attitude towards subtitles and captioning for their portfolio of  online movies that can be instantly watched.  He claims that it’s too difficult and the technology isn’t here which is the furthest thing from … Continue reading

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Glympse – Best approach to mobile location sharing yet

Glympse bypasses some of the drawbacks of today’s location sharing mobile apps. The basic idea: There’s practically no one who needs to know where you are at all times, but often, many people may need to know where you are … Continue reading

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Are the apps for social status updating coming a full circle back to email client?

While reading this blog post: “Seesmic is the Frankenstein of Status Apps” and looking at the screen snapshot below: You know what the first thing that popped to my mind? How eerily it looks like a regular email client!  It’s … Continue reading

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Getting Ruby and Rails working on Ubuntu Intrepid

Installing Ruby on rails isn’t yet perfected using Ubuntu apt-get. Instead: install Ruby from apt-get but download/install RubyGems from source.  This will avoid conflicts between apt-get and gem. Install Ruby from apt-get. $ sudo apt-get install ruby irb ri rdoc … Continue reading

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Fantastic and unorthodox solution to a database scaling problem

FriendFeed is one of my favorite sites to visit.  It aggregates and shows what users are doing or saying across the Internet.  As you can imagine, the database system required to store and query all these activities would be: 1) … Continue reading

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Quick way to find longitude and latitude coordinates on Google maps

Ever been on a Google map and wished there was a fast way to get the long/lat coordinates of the center of the Gmap? After you double-click on the desired location on the map, the map automatically scrolls so the … Continue reading

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Top 25 programming errors to watch out for

Programming experts from more than 30 US and international cyber security organization released a list of 25 programming errors that can lead to serious bugs by creating security holes that hackers can exploit. Note that these errors aren’t immediately seen … Continue reading

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SubPLY offering free captioning of YouTube video clips

Thanks to Bionic Ear, I found out about PLYmedia, which offers professional subtitling/captioning tools and services for online web clips.  They recently launched SubPLY which offers a plugin for your video player so you can simply send the url of … Continue reading

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fixing problems with Compiz on openSuse 11.1

The OpenSuse Linux distro got a major update to version 11.1 a few days ago.  While I’m still an Ubuntu fan, I decided to try out the latest version of openSuse. I’ve heard a lot of good things about that … Continue reading

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Nvidia when running under Xen

You’re running a Dom 0 Xen kernel with a nvidia graphic card? And you’re frustrated by the low-res X (vesa) when running on X?  Want a higher res X cuz you have a kick-ass Nvidia video card? sax2 -m 0=nv … Continue reading

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Wow… Google, you really like me!

It’s been quite a while since I migrated from a hosted blog at to my own self-hosted WordPress installation at  When I went through with the transfer, I lost all the Google mojo of my former blog.  Many … Continue reading

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Forget ifconfig and route. Use iproute2 instead.

The legacy ifconfig and route commands can now be seen as being deprecated and be no longer used for setup of network configuration. People who are comfortable using ifconfig and route will be fine with the new iproute2 suite, which … Continue reading

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