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VMWare2 Win XP Pro host running SLED domO and SLES domU

Laptop runs like molasses: [click image to see full-size] trade-off with SLES: running the minimal FVWM windowing environment to conserve CPU/RAM.

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Transferring waypoints from personal Google Maps to your Garmin GPS unit

Before I go into unfamiliar territory, such as my recent road trip to the state of Vermont, I usually arm my Garmin GPS unit with the waypoints of recommended places for a visit or sightseeing.  It’s a snap to find … Continue reading

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htop: a better top for Linux

Spiffed up top for Linux: try out htop.

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Running wireshark off the Ubuntu desktop

If you have problems running wireshark off the ubuntu Hardy desktop (by clicking on the icon, not commandline sudo wireshark) with wireshark freezing when starting a capture on an interface.  This is a known bug and will be fixed later. … Continue reading

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Ubuntu installation on USB pen drive- Error 17: cannot mount selected partition

I was able to install the latest Ubuntu on a 8GB USB stick drive following these simple instructions. Unfortunately, the instructions there are not complete. After I attempted to boot into Ubuntu off the USB stick by changing the boot … Continue reading

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Installing Rove Mobile SSH with a private key and passphrase on blackberry

If you want to be able to ssh using a private key and passphrase into a remote server from your blackberry: 1) Install Rove Mobile SSH 2) Download Putty Key Generator puttygen.exe to your computer and run it 3) In … Continue reading

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Google enables automatic voice-to-text technology inside youTube!

I see this as one of the evolutionary steps towards automatically created voice-to-text transcripts that will eventually offer great benefit for both Deaf people and search engines. Last month, Google Research included the voice-to-text capability on the “You Choose ’08” … Continue reading

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Fixing a Blackberry Gmail app error

If you are getting an error “Network Error – Unexpected end of response: could not read in entire conversation.” on your Gmail app on blackberry, this probably means that you recently enabled “Always use HTTPS” on the web version of … Continue reading

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Pah! A GPS unit that will learn your favorite route shortcuts

GPS Tracklog: Dash Express becomes the first GPS to learn your shortcuts Finally it’s here: a GPS model that is innovative enough to recognize and remember the shortcuts that you take when you drive around in an area you know … Continue reading

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There are a number of URL shorteners out there such as which can convert a long URL into a short URL and makes it easier to copy n’ paste URLs into emails that won’t break easily and to be … Continue reading

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Seesmic has left the runway

The famous (and aged) stars and directors from the next Indiana Jones movie showed up on Seesmic. Seesmic has pulled off a major PR coup and it’ll probably the tipping point for their meteoric rise beyond the early adopter geek … Continue reading

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Disqus- advanced text/video commenting system

Starting with this post, I’m using the new blog commenting system from Disqus. Several reasons why I tossed out the WordPress comments in favor of Disqus comments: Offers both text and video comments. Video comments are hosted by Seesmic which … Continue reading

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DailyLit- 5 minutes reading chunk of a book per day

This is crazy but brilliant at the same time! Amazon Kindle, move over! At DailyLit, you can sign up for a book which will be delivered to you in a 5-minutes chunk worth daily via email or RSS posts. I … Continue reading

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Jott- hearing people can send voice-to-text messages to Deaf friends/co-workers

Jott is a voice recognition and message-sending system. After reading this review by Jason Kolb, I could immediately see an additional benefit using Jott to facilitate communication between hearing and deaf people. Hearing people can dial the Jott phone number … Continue reading

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Effective reading with Google Reader

If you are trying to read the many RSS feeds you are subscribed to… Learn how to use Google Reader‘s key shortcuts and use the List view mode. My RSS reading has become 5x more effective when I am able … Continue reading

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