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How to call video relay service (VRS) with Linux / Ubuntu

How to call VRS from inside Linux-based OS such as Ubuntu Background information for people not familiar with VRS: Video Relay Service is one of the most useful service provided to deaf Americans. This service enables deaf people to initiate … Continue reading

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H.264 codec for Linphone on Ubuntu

Tested with: Linphone 3.4.3 and Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) Get and untar msx264 source code: Make sure have all the necessary packages installed: sudo apt-get install libmediastreamer-dev libx264-dev libavcodec-dev libswscale-dev libtheora-dev libsdl1.2-dev Compile and install: ./configure –prefix=/usr sudo make … Continue reading

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A world-class iPhone app for the deaf: Captionfish

Have you tried to find captioned movies near your home?  If so, you’ve probably visited a fantastic website called Captionfish ( which is the brainchild of a pair of deaf developer and designer: Chris Sano (software engineer at Microsoft) and … Continue reading

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iPhone video calling bandwidth burn rate and Video Relay Service (VRS)

*update 8/2/10* Installing My3G on a jailbroken iPhone4 now enables the use of FaceTime over the 3G network instead of WiFi.  The information in this post is now applicable. ————– Kokonut Pundit’s post brings up valid concerns regarding using video … Continue reading

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How to use mencoder trickery to merge SRT (SubRip) subtitles and MP4 or AVI video files.

Burning hard SubRip (SRT) subtitles into AVI video clip If using winmenc, copy c:\windows\fonts\arial.ttf to subfont.ttf inside the mplayer subdirectory (so mencoder can find a font file for the subtitles) mencoder -oac copy -ovc raw -sub -subfont-text-scale 3.0 -subpos … Continue reading

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Watch Marlee Matlin at the FCC hearing on Broadband Access (cc)

Marlee Matlin shows up at around 26:20 into the video.

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Netflix CEO really doesn’t care about subtitles/captioning

I’m sickened at Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings’ attitude towards subtitles and captioning for their portfolio of  online movies that can be instantly watched.  He claims that it’s too difficult and the technology isn’t here which is the furthest thing from … Continue reading

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Mind-boggling stop-motion animation

I can’t imagine the prep work and the time/energy involved in creating this video clip: “A wolf loves pork” is a mind-boggling stop-motion animation piece created from hundreds, if not thousands, of printed photographs that traverse the walls and furniture … Continue reading

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Google enables automatic voice-to-text technology inside youTube!

I see this as one of the evolutionary steps towards automatically created voice-to-text transcripts that will eventually offer great benefit for both Deaf people and search engines. Last month, Google Research included the voice-to-text capability on the “You Choose ’08” … Continue reading

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Fair use of copyright content in online videos

Jacqueline Emigh of Beta News helps to answer the question “When can copyrighted content be used in online videos?” This can be a thorny issue for an amateur vlogger to deal with, especially with video content that takes a long … Continue reading

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Seesmic has left the runway

The famous (and aged) stars and directors from the next Indiana Jones movie showed up on Seesmic. Seesmic has pulled off a major PR coup and it’ll probably the tipping point for their meteoric rise beyond the early adopter geek … Continue reading

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Disqus- advanced text/video commenting system

Starting with this post, I’m using the new blog commenting system from Disqus. Several reasons why I tossed out the WordPress comments in favor of Disqus comments: Offers both text and video comments. Video comments are hosted by Seesmic which … Continue reading

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Deaf woman auditions on French version of American Idol

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Posted in Video | 9 Comments’s TV shows: subtitled or not?

I have been waiting with great anticipation for the day when would open their doors to the hordes who wanted to watch TV shows on the web. Their grand opening was today! So far, I’m pretty impressed with the … Continue reading

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Wireless VideoPhones are the future of Deaf communications

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