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VMware Ubuntu virtual machine for Android development

I’m currently gearing up to do some Android app development after making some headway through this helpful Android dev book, “Professional Android 2 Application Development.” I decided to create a small Ubuntu-based virtual machine that is dedicated solely to Android … Continue reading

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Fedora / RHEL: Listing all repos and which packages are offered by a repo

Commands on Fedora/RHEL systems to list all repos and which packages are available in a repo: List all repos on the system: [root@rhel6-vm ~]# yum repolist Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit, rhnplugin repo id repo name status epel Extra Packages for Enterprise … Continue reading

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Topics of the network security class I’ll be teaching this fall.

This fall, I’ll be teaching network security class for the IT program at Gallaudet University: Here’s an overview of the topics in order. At this time, I’m open to further suggestions and feedback. Goals and attitude of the network security … Continue reading

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Ubuntu: Problems booting up with no display device on Sony VAIO laptop with NVIDIA drivers

First of all, I’ve had great experience on several previous laptops loading the Ubuntu desktop with NVIDIA video drivers.  These drivers make the desktop experience on Linux much more pleasant to the eyes.  Ubuntu, particularly, makes it brain-dead simple to … Continue reading

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Steps to install and optimize Fedora 11 VMware virtual machine

Start install from Fedora DVD (When asked during installation, create a regular user account called ‘admin’ or whatever username you want) ———– use default values during the installation except for: Software packages to install (Customize now): ———– Check “Customize now” … Continue reading

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Steps to optimize a minimal base Red Hat VMware virtual machine

These are some of the steps you can take to better optimize a base (bare-bones) RHEL VMware Virutal Machine.  Feel free to add your comments with additional tips. Fedora distro is slightly different than the Red Hat distro but similar … Continue reading

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No application registered for smb://

If you have problems attempting to open CIFS/smb shares using Nautilus or Places –> Connect to Server (if using Gnome) and seeing a message about no application registered for the smb:// protocol. These commands will register nautilus as smb:// protocol … Continue reading

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Creating Backup of Installed Packages – APTonCD

APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs (you choose the type of media) with all of the packages you’ve downloaded via APT-GET or APTITUDE, creating a removable repository … Continue reading

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reset or fix your terminal if corrupted by cat a binary file

Sometimes, you’ll make the mistake of cat a binary file.  The goobley-gokey output can sometimes corrupt your terminal screen and any characters you see during output or typing doesn’t make any sense. To fix this or reset the terminal characters, … Continue reading

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openSUSE 11.1: How to install Nvidia video driver kernel module for Compiz

After a freshly-minted openSUSE installation, one of the first things that an user will want to do is to set up Compiz with its awesome 3D desktop effects.  I’ve yet to find a how-to guide online that cleanly explains the … Continue reading

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Wireless not working on Ubuntu after returning from suspend mode

Had problems on Ubuntu Intrepid with Dell Precision M4400 laptop with the built-in Intel wireless after suspending and returning to an active state.  This fixed the problem. Edit as root: /etc/default/acpi-support Find the line: STOP_SERVICES=”” and change it to: STOP_SERVICES=”networking” … Continue reading

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Getting Ruby and Rails working on Ubuntu Intrepid

Installing Ruby on rails isn’t yet perfected using Ubuntu apt-get. Instead: install Ruby from apt-get but download/install RubyGems from source.  This will avoid conflicts between apt-get and gem. Install Ruby from apt-get. $ sudo apt-get install ruby irb ri rdoc … Continue reading

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Adding terminator or gnome-terminal to desktop pop-up menu list

To add programs to the Ubuntu Gnome desktop popup menu list (when you right-click on the desktop): Inside ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts: Create a script: #!/bin/bash cd $NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_CURRENT_URI exec /usr/bin/terminator sudo chmod 755 ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/your_script_name ps wauxg | grep nautilus kill -HUP pid_of_nautilus Nautilus … Continue reading

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openSuse: nvidia-settings not working due to undefined control display

Xorg configuration under openSuSE can be fickle: If attempting to run nvidia-settings but get stuck at: ERROR: The control display is undefined; please run `nvidia-settings –help` for usage information. From your regular user login (not root): export DISPLAY=:0.0 Now can … Continue reading

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fixing problems with Compiz on openSuse 11.1

The OpenSuse Linux distro got a major update to version 11.1 a few days ago.  While I’m still an Ubuntu fan, I decided to try out the latest version of openSuse. I’ve heard a lot of good things about that … Continue reading

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