Glympse – Best approach to mobile location sharing yet

Glympse bypasses some of the drawbacks of today’s location sharing mobile apps.

The basic idea: There’s practically no one who needs to know where you are at all times, but often, many people may need to know where you are at certain times.  Glympse gets some things right.

1) If you want to share your location with your family, friends, or co-workers, they aren’t forced to sign up for an account on the same site.  You send them an email or text msg with an unique URL that they can open on their mobile device or on their computer to view a moving map of where you are at the moment, including your ETA at the destination.

2) You can set a time limit on the location tracking.  Useful for those situations where you only want to temporarily allow others to know where you are and avoid having to remember to turn off location sharing when you arrive.

For example, if I was driving or flying to visit friends in other states, I could enable location sharing only for the duration of the trip so that they can track where I am as well as my ETA.

I already signed up on Glympse but will have to wait for their Blackberry app to be released (Only the G1 client is available).

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