Presenting at DCARA vblog symposium this Saturday

DCARA will be hosting a very special day this Saturday: Vblog Symposium during the day and a Wine & Cheese fund-raising event at night.

There will be a dizzying array of exciting presentations by experienced Deaf vbloggers which can be seen on the second page of this PDF.

I’m looking forward to bumping into them again and a few vbloggers I will be meeting for the first time!  I’m honored to be counted among these passionate personalities, whom in their own unique ways,  push for the betterment of the Deaf community.  All of their presentations will help the Deaf community understand better how to take advantage of vlogs and blogs to push for positive changes.

As for my presentation, it is titled “Being highly visible in the new world of social media.”  Some of you may recall, at the last DeafRead conference in 2008, I gave a presentation on how to make your blog more discoverable on the Internet and how to increase your blog traffic by understanding how to attract potential visitors.

At the time, vblogs were the mainstay of social media on the Internet and nearly everything revolved around them.  How times have changed since then: The rise and dominance of Facebook in the Deaf community and Twitter starting to heat up among the Deaf.  Social media has already started to diverse and as a result the role of vblogs has evolved to fit into this new scheme of things.

My presentation will have a short recap about vblogs then expand upon how well vblogs, Facebook and Twitter reinforce each other.

I want to say a BIG thanks to DCARA and especially LaRonda for taking the lead in setting up this innovative and desperately needed symposium for the deaf.  See you all this Saturday!

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