Kudos to David Curlee for including the ASL terp in panel video

WordPress is a popular CMS usually reserved for blogging but can be adapted for many different purposes.  Every year, there are WordPress camps in different cities where web developers can go and take part in workshops to learn more about this CMS.  Thanks to Grant Laird who was persist and pushed for ASL interpreters at the 2009 WordCamp Dallas event, the deaf attendees got equal accessiblity (despite Aaron Hall’s lame comment about removing the interpreters to save money).  The event host has ensured that the deaf web developers are on an equal footing, rather than be ignored and left behind.

The icing on the cake was the video clips present by David Curlee, who apparently took the exta step of embedding the ASL interpreter onto the video of the panel discussion!  Thanks David Curlee for being smart enough to make the most of the presence of the interpreters and making the panel discussion accessible to everyone who comes across the video.  They have set a great example for other similar events.

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