A world-class iPhone app for the deaf: Captionfish

Have you tried to find captioned movies near your home?  If so, you’ve probably visited a fantastic website called Captionfish (http://captionfish.com) which is the brainchild of a pair of deaf developer and designer: Chris Sano (software engineer at Microsoft) and Brendan Gramer (user experience designer at Amazon).

It has always been a hassle for deaf people when trying to search for suitable movies locally that are currently showing with captions. With the release of this app,  Chris and Brendan have gone above and beyond to produce an amazing app. Now finding captioned movies near your home, especially while you are on the go, is no longer painful and is actually a fun experience!

Not only can you use the app to find the locations and times of the captioned movies, the app also thoughtfully provides captioned movie trailers as well!

Adam Stone over at Deaf Echo has some additional background information from the developers.

Below are a few screen snapshots of their world-class, visually-arresting, and free iPhone app.  In iTunes store, search for “Captionfish” to download it to your iPhone.

  • (The main screen)


  • (List of local movie theaters showing captioned movies:
    RW=Rear Window, OC-DA=Open Captioned)


  • (Nice bonus: movie trailers that are captioned too!)


  • (Summary of a movie trailer. Note the “play” icon on the mini movie poster)


  • (Sample movie trailer playing with the captions visible)


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