Flashing your Epic 4G back to the official stock version

Last weekend, many websites went a bit crazy about the news that Android 2.2 Froyo was finally released for the Sprint Epic 4G. At first, it was claimed that the update was in the progress of being sent OTA in a slow and controlled manner to all the end users but it could take several days to show up on all the phones. For those who didn’t want to wait, there was an alternative to get it loaded immediately on the Epic, if you were willing to go the extra mile by downloading the update and flashing it to the phone (which isn’t exactly for the faint-of-heart).

It turns out that the announcement was premature and the update isn’t officially sanctioned by Sprint.

While I was able to use my updated Epic without any major problems, there was one annoyance. The GPS wasn’t fully functional: assisted GPS (using wifi) worked fine, but the satellite-based GPS service was effectively dead.  This update which was targeted at the beta testers seemed to be near completion and it’s likely Epic users will be seeing the final release very soon.  I decided to revert my Epic back to the latest official build and wait for the real update to arrive.

After hunting for the steps (over at xda-developers.com) to revert Epic back to the official build and successfully doing it, I’ve compiled the steps below for anyone interested:

Download the (latest) official Epic 4G stock DI18 update: SPH-D700-DI18-8Gb-REL.tar.md5

md5 checksum: e5119ee70ab44151f5a0abceef321662

Odin will be used to flash the phone back to it’s original condition. Note: this means that the phone will be cleared out fully and back to factory settings. You’ll need to download your Market apps again. However, your media files on the SD card will be untouched during this procedure.

Odin : http://www.sdx-downloads.com/devs/noobnl/Odin3+v1.61andepic.pit.zip

First, make sure phone is not connected to computer and that you have the Samsung Epic 4G drivers installed on your computer.

1. Open odin

2. Put your phone in download mode (Shut it off, wait for lights to all go out, then hold 1 on the keyboard while powering up)

3. connect phone (you should see odin put a Com4 or something like that in the first box. The actual number is NOT important what is important is something popped up there when you connected your device, meaning ODIN can see it)

4. Select the victory_8G_100528.pit on the right in the pit section

5. In the PDA Section, you select  the full Stock tar (SPH-D700-DI18-8Gb-REL.tar.md5 ~250mb) for a full wipe and full return to stock

6. Hit start. It will do its thing. Doesn’t take long and you can see the progress bar.

7. Device should reboot.

8.After rebooting, you should be back to running on the DI18 release.

The screen orientation (screen should automatically orient itself when you rotate the display from portrait to landscape) doesn’t quite work right. This is because the phone needs to be calibrated. Unfortunately, there is no easy menu selection to start the calibration. You will need to root your Epic, become root and run a special command to calibrate.

9. Download and unzip, “one click root exploit” for Epic 4G. http://www.mediafire.com/file/spur4pmotd9y5ym/one.click.root.exploitv2.2.4.zip

10. Run the following rooting procedure:

Put your phone in USB debug mode, which can be enabled by checking the USB debugging option in Menu –> Settings –> Applications –> Development.

Now connect the device to your PC via USB cable and run the run.bat file in the folder you just extracted.

That’s it. Let the rooting process complete and your phone to reboot. You will have a fully rooted Epic 4G. (However, may have to run run.bat 2 or 3 times and/or reboot your phone)

11. Download Android terminal from Android market on your rooted device.

Then type…..

su (hit enter)

/system/bin/sensorcalibutil_yamaha (hit enter)

Then follow the instructions on screen to calibrate then finally reboot the phone!

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