Migrating from stock Epic 4G to TrulyEpic Rebirth v1.2 ROM

Tired of waiting for Samsung to update the Sprint Epic 4G to Froyo?  Wait no more, take the matter into your own hands!

Migrating from stock Epic 4G to TrulyEpic Rebirth v1.2 ROM

Starting point with all the links to the necessary files:

First, must go to Froyo and have EXT4 filesystems before can use Truly Epic ROM.

Dowload for DK28: SPH-D700-DK28.tar

Step 1.
Boot your phone into download by powering off your phone holding 1 on the keyboard and holding power til you see the little Yellow digger.

Step 2.
On your computer, launch the included odin.exe and select the included victory pit and under PDA select the included SPH-D700-DK28.tar

Step 3.
Plug in the usb cable. (if it’s done right you should see a yellow Com device.)

Step 4.
Click Start and wait.

That’s it. You’ve got DK28 Release .

To get into Clockwork, hold Volume Down Camera and Power to flash your own rom.

>> Before starting the steps below for the format to EXT4, go ahead and copy TrulyEpic ROM, leave it in it’s “.zip” format, and place it on your phone’s SD card.


Formatting to EXT4
You must have Froyo DK28 (Android 2.2) before continuing to the next step.

Download OneClickRootCWM3.zip and extract it to a folder on your Windows desktop.

On your phone, push MENU, then select Applications > Development, then enable USB debugging and connect your phone to your computer via USB.

Now double click “run.bat” in the folder

If the command prompt asks you to restart adb, you need to go into Windows Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del on your keyboard) and end adb in the process tab, then go into the folder from Step 2 and double-click on the “adb” file to restart adb.

If the command prompt says “device not connected”, disconnect the phone and reboot it, turn debugging mode back on, reconnect the phone via USB, and rerun the “run.bat” file again. If you’re still getting “device not connected”, try repeating these steps one at a time or in a different order, for example just kill adb and rerun “run.bat” or only reboot the phone and then rerun “run.bat”.

If successful, will see many “read 262144 bytes” by the time it’s done.

Reboot to clockwork, will automatically start the converting to EXT4 filesystems

After rebooting back to the phone, and it’s on USB with debugging option turned on:
Run the adb.exe on PC

adb shell mount (to confirm mounts are now EXT4 filesystems)

If need to return to RFS filesystem (Samsung’s filesystem) can use ODIN with official Epic 4G stock DI18 update, SPH-D700-DI18-8Gb-REL.tar to cleanly go back to stock.


Flashing the TrulyEpic Rebirth ROM:

Turn off your phone. Now hold volume down + camera button + power button simultaneously until you see this screen (ClockworkMod Recovery)

(Note: if instead of this screen you get a similar screen but with blue text, go to the apply update.zip option at the top and select it. This should take you into the screen you see above.)

(To navigate in Clockwork, use the volume up and volume down keys. To select options, use the camera button.)

Once you are in Clockwork, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2)
Make a backup of your current system using Clockwork (this is a safety precaution – NOT DO skip this step). Go to the 6th option of the Clockwork main screen, “backup and restore”, and select it. Then select “backup”. Once Clockwork finishes backing up your system, go to Step 3.

Step 3)
Before flashing your ROM you need to clear data in order to avoid clashes. Go to the 3rd option in the Clockwork main screen, “wipe data/factory reset”, select it, and then select “yes”.

(IMPORTANT: in Clockwork before flashing: wipe data, wipe cache, advanced>wipe dalvik-cache twice each)

Step 4)
Go to the 5th option on the main Clockwork screen, “install zip from SD card”, and select it. Go to the 2nd option on the next screen, “choose zip from sdcard”, and select it. Now navigate to the zip file of your ROM, select your zip file, and then select “yes”. Once done, reboot, and you now have a custom ROM installed on your phone. You’re all done!


To fix force closes after restoring stock apps: Settings>Applications>Manage applications>All (at the top)>(app)>Clear data and Clear cache

Fixing the broken GPS
(first test to verify that it doesn’t work by turning off wifi and leave GPS on then use Google Maps to see if can’t lock on your location)

To fix,
first get your MSL code :
Since you are running TrulyEpic ROM, you already have su access to your phone.
Run ConnectBot, in dropdown menu in lower left corner select Local
Type in any name in the nickname box
Type su then hit enter
Type this:
getprop | grep MSL (hit enter)
ril.MSL is the MSL code

Once you have your MSL Code,
remove the SD Card and
Enter ##786# on the dialer keypad.

You will see two options: View and Reset. Tap on the Reset option and you will get a prompt to enter the MSL code.

At this point you will be asked if you want to do a manufacter’s reset, enter yes.

The phone will shut down and reset itself after a few seconds.

Once the process is complete, the phone will go through the hands free activation with Sprint.

After the activation process, updates may be downloaded and installed. Now that all updates have been performed, you may check to see if your GPS is working by going to Google Maps. You should be able to lock in GPS signal in under 10 seconds. Thats it. Your GPS woes are over.

The “GPS Test” app from Market can be used to verify that your Epic 4G can see the satellites.

The screen orientation (screen should automatically orient itself when you rotate the display from portrait to landscape) doesn’t quite work right or is delayed a few seconds. This is because the sensor needs to be calibrated.

Run ConnectBot, in dropdown menu in lower left corner select Local
Type in any name in the nickname box
su (hit enter)

/system/bin/sensorcalibutil_yamaha (hit enter)

Then follow the instructions on screen to calibrate then finally reboot the phone!

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