Joining ZVRS

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be joining ZVRS, a company providing video relay services.  I’m looking forward to working at a company that aims to improve the quality of life for deaf people by enabling them to make calls 24/7/365.  My primary duties will include maintaining and expanding the network infrastructure as well as systems testing.

It will be bittersweet to leave Gallaudet University, where I’ve worked for the last two years. There’s no other environment in the world like Gallaudet University.  I can say this: the university is one heck of a serendipitous place. I’ve lost count of how many times I ran into old faces who happened to be visiting the campus. My work with Gallaudet Technology Services has been rewarding and enriching. There were many valuable lessons learnt while working on a campus network, spanning many buildings and supporting thousands of users. I enjoyed assisting the datacenter operations team with their modernization efforts to introduce VMware clusters of blade servers into the datacenter.


Simply put: ZVRS’s reputation is among the best in the industry.

The VRS industry has recently undergone a major upheaval resulting from a federal investigation into VRS fraud and abuse by several individuals.  The FCC is now enforcing more stringent rules and regulations in order to safeguard VRS from further abuse.  ZVRS has supported FCC’s fraud prevention efforts and gone as far as releasing their code of ethics.  These visible actions by ZVRS along with a personal meeting with the CEO, Sean Belanger, further cemented my confidence in ZVRS.  I firmly believe I can count on the company to stay within guidelines and not attempt to circumvent them.

Another reason: ZVRS has an amazing portfolio of devices and apps deaf people can use to make and receive phone calls.

The choices include several standalone videophones and apps for different platforms such as PC, Mac,  iPhone and Android smartphones/tablets.  With this wide variety of supported devices/apps, it is clear that ZVRS is willing to invest and ensure that users are able to choose a device that best suits their needs. Then imagine the technical team that is capable of pulling this off: now that’s a team I want to be a part of!

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