Deaf woman auditions on French version of American Idol

Nouvelle Star is the French version of “American Idol.” This link will take you to a video clip where Magali, a Deaf woman, who was fortunate enough to get an audition on the show and performed a song in LSF (French Sign Language). My minuscule knowledge of LSF didn’t allow me to be able to catch everything she said. While it turns out that she didn’t win during this round, she touched the hearts of the judges. Magali was obviously happy to get the chance to do perform on national TV, even if the show was audiologically biased. This is yet more excellent exposure to signed language in other countries.

Y at-il quelqu’un qui sait LSF et peut faire une traduction dans les commentaires ci-dessous?
(Is there anyone out there who know LSF and can put a translation in the comments below?)

Thanks to BLOGVISUALSEÑASEXTREMEÑA for leading me to the video!

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