Disqus- advanced text/video commenting system

Starting with this post, I’m using the new blog commenting system from Disqus.

Several reasons why I tossed out the WordPress comments in favor of Disqus comments:

  • Offers both text and video comments. Video comments are hosted by Seesmic which has more clear and smooth video than Riffly. I can accept comments in either English or American Sign Language.
  • If you have your Disqus account, your login identity will work across all blogs using Disqus for comments. No need to have to fill out those form fields over and over again to post a comment.
  • Your Gravatar picture icon (if you have already signed up for one), will automatically show up next to your comment. This helps to ensure to others that you are the same person making the comment and reduce the chance of identity abuse by anonymous commenters.
  • You can have threaded comments instead of flat comments. You can even set how deep the threads can go. I set mine to a depth of one.
  • Disqus works with FriendFeed, so any comments that you make will automatically show up at your FriendFeed.
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