Seesmic has left the runway

The famous (and aged) stars and directors from the next Indiana Jones movie showed up on Seesmic. Seesmic has pulled off a major PR coup and it’ll probably the tipping point for their meteoric rise beyond the early adopter geek alpha group (raising my hand).

Too bad the clips aren’t subtitled but here they are:

It’s somewhat odd to see celebrities willing to be on a small, blocky and pin-holed youTube-like video window. They are even using their own Seesmic accounts. They still perform brilliantly just like they do on a TV interview.

It turns out that these video clips caused a lot of problems on other websites incorporating the Seesmic Video plugin. This is a wake up call to Seesmic to strengthen their network architecture so that they can accompany the ever-changing flux of traffic generated by websites outside their control.

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